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What if I got bit by a dog and the dog’s owner has no insurance?
I was injured in a car accident and my medical bills are piling up fast & I don’t have the money to pay them. If I send them to the other driver’s insurance company, will they pay them now?
I treated with a chiropractor after an accident. The doctor released me. The adjuster is trying to get me to settle. Should I settle my case now, even if I still have pain?
Injured in an accident. Should I treat through my health insurance?
Are seatbelts required on Santa Monica school buses?
My 24-year-old son was injured in a bicycle accident when he was hit by a car in Santa Monica. I live out-of-state and I am worried about him. I think he should see a doctor and shouldn't talk to the driver’s insurance company. Does he need a lawyer?
My daughter was attacked by our neighbor’s dog. He said he’ll pay the medical bills. Would hiring an attorney get her any more money?
The police report (Santa Monica Police Department) puts me at fault for a car accident. Will that prevent an attorney from taking my case?
I was injured in back-to-back car accidents that were about a month apart. The insurance companies for both of the other drivers are pointing the finger at the other accident as the cause of my injuries. Am I just out of luck?
Does a Skateboarder Have to Wear a Helmet?
I was riding my bike when a car hit me. I want to see a doctor but can’t afford to. Who will pay for my medical treatment?
If I go through my insurance to fix my car after an auto accident, will they raise my rates?
How long does it take to get a copy of a police report in Santa Monica?
What’s the lowest liability policy limit a car can have in California?
I was injured in a car accident. Should I go to my doctor, or is it better for a lawyer to refer me to a doctor?
5-car pileup on the 10 Freeway. The insurance company for the driver who caused the crash won’t fix my car. What can I do?
Uber driver at fault for an accident. How do I SPEAK TO an Uber adjuster (not email!)?
I wasn’t at fault for an accident. Now I’m out-of-pocket co-pays, my deductible, and I missed days from work. The other driver’s insurance company accepts fault, but I want to make sure I am fully paid for all my losses. Should I hire an attorney?
I rode my bike from the sidewalk into a crosswalk, and was hit by a car turning right. I had the green light and the driver had a red light. But his insurance company is blaming me. My medical bills are over $25,000 and I have no health insurance. Do I have a case?
I was in a car accident. The police report isn't ready and I have no information on the other driver. I don’t even know if he had insurance. What do I do?
My mom was hit and knocked down by an elderly person who was driving a motorized scooter at Costco. My mom broke her hip as a result. Does she have a case? Against who?