Electric Scooter Accident Injury Stories

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Ever since Bird and Lime dropped their electric scooters all over Santa Monica, our personal injury law firm has been inundated with calls from people injured in electric scooter accidents. We believe everyone needs to know about the volume of calls we are getting and the seriousness of the injuries. Not only does the public need to know, but so do city council members in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, the scooter companies themselves, Bird and Lime, their investors, and anyone considering investing in these companies or using their products.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving an electric scooter, please email us a brief description of how the accident happened and your injuries. We also encourage you to send us injury photos to add further validation to your account. We will contact you to verify the story, but we will not post your name. We are asking our community members to help us grow this database and spread the word of electric scooter dangers.

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Below you can find brief summaries of the accidents people have shared with our law firm. Please be aware that most contain images of injuries suffered while riding an electric scooter. Some people may find the imagery disturbing or upsetting.


Date of accident: 07/02/18

37-year-old male was riding a Lime electric scooter in Oakland. He was transitioning from the street to a driveway. When the scooter’s front wheel hit the small lip of the driveway’s apron, the scooter, instead of going up the driveway, slid to the right, along the lip, and the rider was thrown off. He suffered 3 fractures in his forearm, requiring surgery (2 plates + 12 screws).

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Date of accident: 09/21/18

43-year-old male rider was riding a Lime electric scooter in San Diego on the street. The handlebars suddenly started to shake violently. He tried to brake. He put his foot down onto the ground to try to stabilize, and was thrown off. He suffered a complex pelvic fracture, requiring surgery (3 plates + screws).



Date of accident: 10/06/18

31-year-old female was riding a Lime electric scooter in the bike lane on Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. Her husband was riding a Lime behind her. They entered a “geo-fenced” area and their scooters' speed suddenly dropped from 15 mph to 8 mph, then shortly thereafter sped back up to 15 mph. Her husband lost control and struck the rear of his wife’s scooter. She crashed and suffered three broken bones in her ankle, requiring surgery (plate and screws).

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Date of accident: 10/11/18

57-year-old female was riding a Lime electric scooter on 3rd St. in Los Angeles. She had just gotten on the scooter and it kept stalling. She decided to give up and return it to the sidewalk. Suddenly, the power surged, the handlebars whipped to the left, and she was knocked to the ground. She suffered 2 broken bones in her ankle, requiring surgery (a plate and 8 pins).



Date of accident: 08/26/18

58-year-old female was riding a Lime electric scooter in San Diego. She had just gotten on, pressed the throttle, and the scooter took off at full speed. The throttle stuck in the fully depressed position, and would not lift up. She was approaching an intersection with cross traffic, thus stepped off the scooter to avoid being hit by a car. She slammed onto the ground. She suffered a broken right arm requiring surgery (insertion of plate + 7 screws) and a broken left hand.

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Date of accident: 06/17/18

62-year-old male was performing an act on the Santa Monica Pier. A Bird electric scooter rider slammed into the back of him. D.P. suffered a ruptured bicep in his right arm, requiring surgery (involving a cadaver graft). He also suffered a broken right radius (forearm bone). This was a hit-and-run. The Bird rider took off after the collision, without providing his contact information. Despite repeated requests by our firm, Bird Rides, Inc., has failed to provide the scooter rider’s contact information.



Date of accident: 08/19/18

34-year-old female was riding a Bird electric scooter on the roadway in Los Angeles when the scooter became unstable, she lost her balance, and fell off. She suffered a broken right arm, requiring surgery (insertion of two plates and 11 screws).



Date of accident: 09/21/18

31-year-old male was riding a Bird electric scooter. A car swerved in front of him, then braked. The scooter rider applied the brakes, but they did not work. He had to jump off the scooter to avoid hitting the car. His face slammed onto the pavement. He suffered facial injuries, including contusions, a black eye, and road rash.



Date of accident: 05/17/2018

28-year-old male worked for Bird as a “Bird Charger.” After charging a bird, before placing it in a “Bird Nest,” he got on the scooter to make sure it worked. The brakes did not work and he was launched off the scooter. He suffered a fracture-dislocation of the left ankle, and fractures of the tibia and fibula in his left leg. He underwent surgery involving the insertion of a plate and 8 screws.



Date of accident: 07/18/2018

26-year-old female was riding a Bird electric scooter on Beverly Blvd. in Larchmont Village in Los Angeles. She was riding on the sidewalk because there is no bike lane on Beverly Blvd. and it’s a very busy street. All of a sudden, she saw a 7” offset in the sidewalk in front of her. It was like a “curb” in the middle of the sidewalk. She applied the brake, but it barely slowed the Bird down. She crashed into sidewalk defect and was thrown off the scooter. Her face slammed into a brick wall adjacent to the sidewalk. She suffered loss of consciousness, a head injury, concussion, laceration above the right eyebrow, and sprained left thumb.



Date of accident: 06/22/18

60-year-old female was riding a Lime electric scooter on the Venice Beach Bike Path. She had two back-to-back falls within 5 minutes of each other. Each time, another scooter rider tried to pass her, cutting her off and causing her to fall off. She fell on her right shoulder both times. She suffered a rotator cuff tear, requiring surgery.

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Date of accident: 08/12/18

32-year-old male riding a Bird electric scooter on the street by the beach in San Diego. He saw a divot in the roadway ahead, so he applied the brakes. The brakes were “soft and squishy." Instead of stopping the scooter, they only gradually slowed it down. He hit the divot and his right leg went under the scooter. The rear wheel then ran over his right ankle. He suffered a broken tibia and fibula, requiring surgery, involving the insertion of 2 plates and 21 screws.



Date of accident: 07/29/18

Male riding Lime electric scooter on the sidewalk in West Hollywood. The sidewalk was rough. The scooter started to wobble. The rider braked. He was thrown over the handlebars and his face smashed on the sidewalk. He suffered 2 broken front teeth, 2 chipped side teeth, and road rash on his arms.



Date of accident: February 2018

25-year-old man was riding a Bird scooter in Westwood. The handlebar stem collapsed as he was going downhill. He did a face plant and broke a tooth, incurring dental bills of $9,300.



Date of accident: 06/12/2018

72-year-old woman who was exiting a Starbucks on Main St. in Santa Monica tripped trying to maneuver around 3 electric scooters parked just outside the entrance. She suffered a pelvic contusion, injury to both knees, and injuries to her left hand and low back.


Date of accident: 07/31/2018

68-year-old female was riding a Lime electric scooter on Ocean Front Walk in Santa Monica. Just as she started to go, the accelerator stuck and the scooter sped forward. She was unable to stop and was thrown off. She suffered a broken leg and broken hand.

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Date of accident: 08/17/2018

32-year-old male was riding a Bird electric scooter on the roadway in San Diego. He hit a roadway imperfection and was thrown off the scooter. He suffered loss of consciousness, a broken nose, road rash to the face, and dental injuries.



Date of accident: 07/13/2018

50-year-old female pedestrian was getting ready to cross the street in Venice, California. She tripped on Lime electric scooters which were left lying down on the sidewalk. She suffered a broken wrist, broken finger and probable broken ribs.



Date of accident: 05/16/18

33-year-old male was riding a Bird electric scooter in Westwood. When he pressed the brake, the rear tire locked up. He lost control and flew off the scooter. He suffered a shoulder separation, rotator cuff tear, and a shoulder labral tear.


Date of accident: 07/26/2018

Male riding a Bird electric scooter on the roadway on Speedway in Venice, California. He went over a minor road bump. The scooter’s front wheel broke, rotating about 130 degrees backwards. The Bird rider crashed and suffered severe road rash on his arm and injury to both knees.



Date of accident: 05/18/2018

56-year-old woman who was working for Bird as a “Bird Mechanic.” She picked up a damaged Bird to repair it, but Bird did not share with her what was wrong with the damaged Bird. In Santa Monica, she got on the scooter to test it out to try to figure out what was wrong with it. She started to ride the scooter and the brakes failed. She was approaching an intersection. Fearing that she would be hit by a car at the intersection, she tried to step off and her body slammed onto the roadway. She suffered a closed head injury, a scalp laceration requiring staples, a fractured clavicle, and a cervical strain.



Date of accident: 05/28/2018

16-year-old female was riding an electric scooter rented by her boyfriend. The female swerved to avoid a crack in the sidewalk. She hit a light pole and suffered loss of consciousness, two broken ones in her leg, a torn ACL in her knee


Date of accident: 06/09/18

30-year-old woman was riding a Bird in a bike lane, on Main St. in Santa Monica. A Bird rider ahead of her wiped out. She braked and put her foot down to try to stop so she could go and render aid to the other rider. She slammed to the ground. She suffered a torn ACL and a torn meniscus in her knee, requiring surgery.



Date of accident: 06/14/2018

72-year-old woman was exiting a Starbucks on the corner of Olympic Dr. and Main St., across the street from the Santa Monica Courthouse. She tried to step around a Bird scooter parked right outside the Starbucks entrance. She didn’t see that there were two more scooters behind the first one, until she tripped over the second two scooters. She suffered an injury to her hand, pelvis, and both knees.


Date of accident: 07/06/18

28-year-old female was riding a Bird electric scooter in West Los Angeles. She was transitioning from the street to the sidewalk because traffic ahead on the roadway was blocking safe passage. She braked, attempting to slow the scooter. The brakes didn’t work properly and she crashed. She suffered a broken finger and injury to her leg.

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Date of accident: 06/18/2018

24-year-old man riding Bird scooter on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Los Angeles. He was riding in the far right lane, close to the curb. A car pulled out from a side street on his right, running a stop sign. The scooter rider slammed into the car’s front quarter panel. He suffered injury to both arms, both ankles, cuts on feet and bruised hip



Date of accident: 06/30/2018

57-year-old female pedestrian was leaving the fireworks show at Santa Monica College. She was walking down 17th St., in a crowd of people. She tripped over a Bird scooter that was lying down on the ground, partially across the sidewalk. She suffered a fractured metatarsal (long bone in the mid foot).



Date of accident: 07/05/2018

43-year-old woman riding a Bird scooter on the roadway on San Vicente Blvd in Los Angeles. As she approached the intersection of San Vicente Blvd. and La Brea Ave., her light was red, so she braked. The brakes failed. She flew off. She landed on the roadway, with the scooter on top of her.

She suffered a fractured wrist, injury to her neck and shoulder, and road rash on her leg.

The emergency room doctor and the pharmacist she went to later in the day both told her that they have had many patients reporting injuries from scooter brake failure.



Date of accident: 06/21/2018

36-year-old male was riding a Lime electric scooter on the roadway, in a bike lane, in Oakland. The bike lane was ending so he started to tap the brakes. The scooter jerked forward and he was thrown off. He suffered a broken left arm and a broken right wrist. The right wrist required surgery, requiring the insertion of a plate and 2 screws.



Date of accident: 08/30/18

33-year-old female was riding a Bird electric scooter on the roadway. The throttle got stuck in the fully depressed position and the scooter sped forward. As she tried to unstick it, she lost control and fell off. She suffered a shattered right wrist, requiring surgery (insertion of plate + screws), sprained fingers, a concussion and road rash. undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

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