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Have You Been Hurt By A Falling Tree?

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Southern California is not usually associated with the kind of harsh weather—like hurricanes and tropical storms—that can make trees hazardous. However, trees can be weakened by drought and, with a return of El Niño weather, property owners are required to be vigilant about safely maintaining their trees. Improperly pruned, overgrown, or unhealthy trees are vulnerable to other factors that can splinter or topple them. When these trees hurt visitors to a private property, property owners need to be held responsible for any resulting injury.

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Dangerous, Improperly Pruned Trees

There are numerous factors that can contribute to the falling of a tree. Disease, soil erosion, and extreme weather can all cause a tree to fall. However, California property owners are required to prevent the most common cause of falling trees: overgrowth and structural instability. In some cases, even improper pruning can make an otherwise healthy, safe tree a hazard to those around it.

Pruning methods associated with falling trees include:

  • Lion-tailing: trimming branches to leave growth only on the end.
  • Topping a tree: removing the top of a tree (usually for views and light)
  • Lollipopping: trimming lower branches and leaving bulk on top

If you believe that your falling tree injury was due to the irresponsibility of a property owner, then we are ready to hear from you today. Our team can help establish the circumstances of your injury and assertively demonstrate the negligence that led to your pain and suffering.

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