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Santa Monica Cracking Down on Distracted Drivers


Beginning January 1st, the Santa Monica Police Department will be initiating a safety campaign to decrease the number of traffic collisions in Santa Monica. Each month, they will focus on a different driving behavior.

In the month of January, the police department will target distracted drivers - those texting or talking on cell phones.

During the safety campaign, the Santa Monica Police Department will be targeting the following behaviors:

Officers will additionally be on the look out for other distracted driving activities, including eating, reading, and applying makeup.

According to the National Safety Council, at least 28% of all car accidents invlove drivers using cell phones.

The Santa Monica Police Department has broken down what constitutes a cell phone violation:

  • Holding a cell phone in the hand and using the speaker phone, or holding a cell phone to the ear.
  • Juveniles cannot use cell phones at all while driving.
  • Writing, sending or reading a text message.
  • Scrolling for a name or telephone number or entering a telephone number does not constitute texting.
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