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Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Santa Monica


The rising number of pedestrian accidents in Santa Monica has city officials concerned. Santa Monica already leads the state in pedestrian accidents. Comparing Santa Monica to other California cities of similar size in 2009, Santa Monica had the most pedestrian accidents, according to the most recently available statistics from California's Office of Traffic Safety.

Santa Monica had the worst track record for pedestrian accidents out of 104 California cities of similar size.

Santa Monica Police Department is reminding residents to be alert for pedestrians.


  • Always cross at intersections. Crossing mid-block is dangerous. Never cross from between two parked cars. Drivers cannot see you and are not expecting you.

  • Stop, look and listen before crossing. Look right and left over your shoulder before crossing. Look for vehicles and bicycles.
  • Make eye contact with drivers. Don't step into the street until cars have yielded. And don't assume drivers will yield.

  • Be visible and predictable – Always cross in a straight line. If you're crossing with a child, use extra care; drivers may not see the child. Hold their hand while crossing.

  • Be a defensive walker. Always watch where you're going. Expect the unexpected.
  • Same rules of caution in parking lots. Parking lots can be just as dangerous as the street. Drivers are distracted, rushing, and looking for a parking space. Be alert!

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