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"Somebody Ran a Red Light," leaving 5 Injured


A two vehicle collision today at the intersection of First St. and Euclid St. in Santa Ana left five people injured.

The accident happened at about 11:50 a.m. Two women and two children were driving westbound on First St. in a Nissan Altima. A septic truck owned by Diamond Environmental Services was driving southbound on Euclid St. The intersection is controlled by a traffic signal.

According to Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, investigators have not yet determined which driver ran the red light. "Somebody ran a red light," Bertagna said.

Investigators will be reviewing video from cameras in the area that may have captured the collision.

The driver of the septic truck, a male, was transported to a hospital with possible broken ribs. The two women and their 2-month-old passenger were also transported to a hospital with unknown injuries. Their 2-year-old passenger was treated at the scene.

At attorneys at our Santa Monica personal injury law firm know that after a car accident, getting copies of video from all cameras in the vicinity that may have captured the accident is critical to establish who was at fault. Because anything caught on video surveillance can be erased as soon as the film needs to be re-used, car accident victims are advised to move quickly to nail down whether any videotape of the accident exists.

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