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Elderly Driver Slams into Dental Office, Injuring 6


Six people were injured Thursday morning when a station wagon slammed into a dental office in Reseda.

The accident happened about 9:30 a.m. in a strip mall in the 6800 block of White Oak Ave., near Van Owen. An 82-year-old female driver of an older model Buick station wagon was northbound on White Oak Ave. Another driver turned left onto White Oak Ave. The elderly station wagon driver swerved into the strip mall parking lot to avoid colliding with the other vehicle. The elderly driver hit a pedestrian and pinned two employees who were working inside the dental office, Dr. Rabi Dental Clinic.

The three victims were critically injured and rushed to a local hospital. One of the employees suffered two broken legs. Three other victims were also injured in the accident. They were treated at the scene and released.

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