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In 2011, Malibu DUI Crashes Up; DUI Arrests Down


Statistics for Malibu's drunk driving collisions and arrests in 2011 have been released.

In 2011, there were 74 DUI arrests in Malibu, down from 98 such arrests in 2010. However, drunk driving accidents increased in 2011. There were 10 drunk driving collisions involving injuries in 2011, up from 5 in 2010.

Traffic Sgt. Philip Brooks of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station credits the additional DUI checkpoints in place in Malibu in 2011 with acting as a deterrent to drivers to not drink and drive. Brooks said that the DUI checkpoints in 2011 revealed an increase in the number of impaired drivers that were not alcohol-related. According to Brooks, a large number of drivers were impaired due to marijuana usage.

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