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Is Will Rogers State Park Rd. Dangerous?


Residents who live adjacent to Will Rogers State Park Rd. in Pacific Palisades are concerned about potential accidents and are asking government officials to limit or ban parking on the road.

Will Rogers State Park Rd. leads from Sunset Blvd. to the Will Rogers State Historic Park. Though Will Rogers has a parking lot with 218 spaces, most go unused because visitors don't want to pay the $12 parking fee. Instead, visitors opt to park for free on the road leading up to the park.

Weekdays, free parking is allowed on adjacent feeder streets (Villa Grove Dr., Villa View Dr., Villa Woods Dr., and Villa Woods Pl.) But on weekends, free parking is only allowed on Will Rogers Rd.

Will Rogers Rd. is narrow and winding. Local residents are concerned about the visitors who park on the road and pile out of their cars with babies, children, strollers, sports equipment, beach chairs, and overstuffed beach bags. The combination of a narrow roadway, heavy foot traffic, unsafe U-turns, and distracted park visitors schlepping picnic supplies while they wrangle children, worries local residents.

Neighbors have complained to government officials for years that somebody is going to be killed – it's only a matter of when. Residents have proposed that the city eliminate all parking on Will Rogers Rd., and reduce the parking fee from $12 to $7, which they believe would be a win-win for everyone.

With California state parks already in a financial crisis, the proposal has not been well-received by government officials.

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