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Motorcycle Accident Victim Awarded $7 Million for Penis Injury


A jury awarded over $7 million to a motorcycle rider who suffered a penis injury after being hit by a van.

The accident happened in 2007. Matthew Wall, a 27-year-old sailor, was riding his motorcycle to work at a San Diego submarine base. The driver of shuttle van owned by a San Diego auto dealership turned left in front of him.

Wall slammed into the side of the van and was ejected from his motorcycle. As a result, Wall suffered a fracture of the pubic ramus bone and a crushing injury to the penis.

Doctors were able to successfully reconstruct his penis, but Wall suffered a permanent alteration of the penis's length. His penis is now 1.5 inches shorter.

The jury deliberated for two weeks, and today awarded the motorcycle rider $7,553,000 for his medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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