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Santa Monica Settles Dog Bite Lawsuit


A young boy who was savagely attacked by a pit bull that had escaped from a dog run at Santa Monica's Memorial Park in 2010 has settled his dog bite lawsuit against the city.

The pit bull attack happened on October 18, 2010. A 7-year-old boy was playing in Memorial Park's ball field with his parents. At the same time, pit bull owner Jerome Wright, a Las Vegas resident, was playing with his pit bull and another dog inside the dog run at Memorial Park. The pit bull escaped the dog run by pushing its way through a gap in the service gate at one end of the run. The dog attacked the boy, biting him in the head, neck, shoulder and back.

The boy suffered brain damage and sued the city of Santa Monica for $985,000 to cover past and future medical expenses, education expenses, and other costs. On Tuesday, the Santa Monica City Counsel approved a $325,000 settlement.

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