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Pit bull Attack Badly Injures Toddler in Norco


A pit bull attacked and badly injured a 19-month-old girl in Norco Monday morning at the family's home on 6th Street and Hillside Avenue.

The dog attack happened about 9:30 a.m. The family's dog, a 5-year-old pit bull named "Diamond," was just outside the front door. The girl was being watched by a babysitter, Elizabeth Peak. Peak is deaf but reads lips.

According to Peak, the little girls wandered outside the front door and dropped her water cup by the dog. The dog grabbed the little girl's leg. Peak unsuccessfully attempted to wrench the girl from the dog's mouth. The pit bull dragged the toddler to the corner of the yard. Neighbor Larry Gordon jumped over a fence and attempted to free the girl by beating the dog with a stick. When the dog still wouldn't let go of the toddler, Gordon pried the dog's jaws open and pulled the girl's leg from his mouth.

The toddler was rushed to Corona Regional Medical Center. Her condition has not been released.

The pit bull was confiscated by Animal Control Services.

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