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China Factory Accident Results in Man Having Half of His Brain Removed


Zhang Tingzhen, 26, was working at an Apple Inc.’s manufacturing company in China where he was involved in a tragic accident that has now left him with half of his brain removed. According to reports Tingzhen was an employee of Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, and electrocuted in the factory incident in China over a year ago. He suffered such severe brain damage; the doctors saw the best means for survival to remove part of his brain. At this time he is unable to walk or speak.

Reports claim that Foxconn has been paying for his medical bills since the accident, but apparently have been threatening this victim’s family that they need to remove him from the hospital now, stating that they would soon remove their funding for his treatments. According to Chinese law, that would be acceptable for an employer to do, sadly. This company is claiming that the family must have him moved to be closer to the location in which he was originally hired where they would then give him a disability assessment test. The doctors, however, state that there is no way he would be able to travel at this time due to the risk of brain hemorrhaging. This was not a response that the firm wanted to hear.

There have been many concerns with Foxconn over the years, as one of the “highest-profile private companies in China” and according to reports have had an unusual amount of employee suicides and many labor outbursts within the company. This company has a million employees, and according to the activists, they have many concerns with the labor conditions as well as the welfare system when their co-workers are injured on the job.

This incident is not uncommon in countries like China, and sadly even here in the United States we have many companies and organizations that do not implement neither the proper safety procedures for their employees or follow the legal requirements for workers compensation when there is an on the job injury; or worse, death. While the people who work for this company are in an upheaval that they are not receiving what they deserve, there are many employees here at high risk jobs who still feel the same way.

Construction and manufacturing companies are essential to our way of life no a days, and there has to be someone willing to get the job done. Knowing the dangers, each employee deserves the security of knowing not only that their place of employment practices the highest standards of health and safety, but also that in the event of an injury they and their family will be rightfully cared for. If someone you love has been injured or killed in a construction, or other type of workplace accident, contact McGee | Lerer & Associates today for the personal injury attorney that you deserve.

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