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Hit-and-run driver kills bicyclist in Northridge


A bicyclist was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Northridge on Thursday night.

The accident occurred at about 11:30 p.m. near the intersection of Roscoe Blvd. and Balboa Blvd. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department described the hit-and-run vehicle as a white truck, possibly a GMC or Chevrolet. The truck had a cargo bed, and may have sustained damage to the front end.

The bicyclist, 44-year-old Max De La Cruz, a Van Nuys resident, was pronounced dead at Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

Police are asking anyone with information about the crash to come forward.

When a bicyclist is struck by a hit-and-run driver, if the driver or owner of the car is never identified, the bicyclist has no recourse unless the bicyclist owns a car and has uninsured motorist coverage. A bicyclist's uninsured motorist coverage will cover the bicyclist's injuries or death in the event that the bicyclist is struck by a hit-and-run driver. Most bicyclists, and surprisingly, many attorneys, don't know this.

At McGee, Lerer & Associates, we are strong advocates for having uninsured motorist coverage, and plenty of it. It will cover you and your children if you or your children, while in a car, walking, or riding a bike, are struck by an uninsured driver.

McGee, Lerer and Associates is a personal injury law firm with offices in Santa Monica, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. Daniel McGee and Catherine Lerer are a husband and wife team of accident attorneys with over 40 of collective experience. We have extensive experience representing bicycle accident victims and hit-and-run accident victims and their families. Our lawyers are available 24/7 for a free consultation.

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