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Trash Truck Kills Pedestrian in Beverly Grove on Thursday


A City of Los Angeles trash truck that was backing up struck and killed a pedestrian in Beverly Grove on Thursday.

The accident happened about 8:30 a.m. at the corner of West Third St. and Almont Dr. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the pedestrian, a 60-year-old female, was walking in the roadway when she was struck. The woman was crossing West Third St. The sanitation truck driver was attempting to turn right onto Almont Dr. Unable to complete his sharp right turn, he stopped and began backing up, striking the pedestrian.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

After the accident, the City of Los Angeles's Department of Public Works released a statement that a "full investigation" was underway.

The attorneys at McGee, Lerer and Associates, in our experience, have seen the City of Los Angeles spend huge sums of money to try to defeat claims brought against the City, even when it is clear that a City employee was at fault. We have never seen the City of Los Angeles admit fault for an accident. Especially when the stakes are high, such as in a wrongful death case, the City will fight tooth and nail to minimize what they have to pay the victim's family. They would rather spend money fighting the claim than do the right thing, accept responsibility, and pay for their employee's negligence.

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