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Bird and Lime Scooters: Where Our Firm Stands On Electric Scooter Rentals


In the world of Bird and Lime scooters, there are people who love them and those who are against them. There are some who feel as though they can be helpful for individuals who commute a shorter distance but don’t want to drive.

Then, there are some who believe that they pose potential dangers to pedestrians and the riders themselves.

At McGee Lerer, our Santa Monica Bird scooter lawyers understand that both Bird and Lime scooters are growing in popularity. Where do we stand regarding these electric scooter rental companies? Well, for us, it’s all about safety.

Neither For Nor Against Bird and Lime Scooters

When it comes to the debate of being for or against Bird and Lime scooters, our firm stands rather neutral. However, we do believe that the focus should always be on safety and regulations in order to keep riders and pedestrians from serious harm.

While they may encourage the use of helmets for riders, not all advertisements by these types of electric scooter rental companies show the riders with helmets. This is the kind of action that could lead to serious harm for the rider.

Also, because of the new popularity of this means of transportation, many drivers don’t look out for them. Drivers must pay close attention to the sides of the roads where many of these Bird and Lime scooters will be.

Encouraging Regulations and Change

Our firm believes that these companies must properly advertise the correct and safe use of their scooters in order to get riders using them the right way. Furthermore, because of the pilot program in Santa Monica, drivers should also be diligent because there are no barriers protecting the rider from vehicles.

We understand that there are potential dangers all around for those who use this type of transportation. We also know that there are some legal complexities involved when someone is harmed in an accident involving Bird and Lime scooters.

If you or someone you love has been hurt as a rider or pedestrian, we may be able to help. We take the time to explain your rights and legal options so you know what to expect at every step of the process.

If you’ve been hurt, speak with our firm today. Call us at (310) 692-9582.

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