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Detailing Insurance Coverages In California and What They Mean for Drivers


Whether you’re a driver, a motorcyclist, or a truck driver, your time on the road can be just as much dangerous as it is gratifying. Because there are countless dangers all throughout the Southern California region, it’s highly imperative for individuals to ensure they are doing everything they can to protect themselves.

Despite our abilities to try and operate our vehicles safely, we cannot in anyway predict how the other drivers on the road will operate. This is where the importance of insurance coverage comes into play and gives you a bit of peace of mind should an accident occur.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the different types of insurance coverages that are available to them and how they protect them on the road. Here are some of the important details you should know about different coverage types, what they mean for drivers, and potential limits associated with them.

Insurance coverage is helpful, but not always guaranteed to help with compensation. We’re here to help. Call us today at (310) 692-9582 to discuss your potential case after an accident.

Read below to learn more about the different types of coverages available.

Liability Insurance Coverage

All drivers in the state of California are required to carry liability insurance coverage for both property damage and bodily injury. This type of policy helps to cover the expenses associated with damages to all injured people other than the negligent driver.

Liability coverage requires a minimum of $15,000 per person for bodily injury liability in an accident. There is also a minimum of $30,000 for the total accident for bodily injury liability, and $5,000 for any property damage in the accident.

Should damages exceed these limits, it is considered the responsibility of the negligent party to cover the expenses in excess of the coverage carried. This is why it’s often recommended for drivers to carry coverage much higher than the minimum requirements of the state.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Did you know that in 2015, roughly 13 percent of drivers in the were uninsured? This means that one in eight drivers drove their vehicles without proper coverage—an act that makes things very complicated in the event of a serious collision.

In California, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is offered to drivers to help protect them in these types of situations.

In an accident involving an uninsured motorist, it’s imperative for you to have uninsured motorist coverage to help with the compensation they need. Typically, in car accident claims, you through the negligent party’s insurance company. However, in an uninsured motorist claim, claims are handled through your own insurance coverage.

Comprehensive and Collision

In many situations, insurance is there to protect you in different types of situations where your property (your car) sustains damage. These types of coverages are called comprehensive and collision.

Comprehensive insurance coverage is designed to pay for the damages your vehicle encounters in matters aside from crashes, such as theft, natural disasters, and other unexpected problems. Your policy will detail all things that are typically covered under this type of coverage.

With collision coverage, you are protected and all damage to your vehicles will be covered when it collides with another vehicle or object, or when another vehicle or object hits your vehicle. Whereas property damage liability coverage helps pay for the other party’s vehicle when you’re at fault, collision coverage helps you with the damages to your vehicle.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

In some situations, in which you are fault, you may face larger liability claims—such as in accidents where there are multiple injured parties and the damage to the other party’s vehicle far exceeds the liability coverage provided by your insurance company.

The state of California offers various protections, including umbrella insurance coverage, to help with these matters. Umbrella insurance coverage is additional to your regular insurance coverage and can protect you in large liability claims as it is often referred to as excess insurance. Umbrella insurance can be used to cover bodily harm, property damage, and injuries sustained by others at your home or in your vehicle.

Dealing with the Insurance Company with the Help of Our Santa Monica Car Accident Lawyers

Dealing with the insurance company is one of the more difficult things that you may need to do following a car accident. Regardless of who is at fault, insurance companies are looking to limit their own liability and don’t always adhere to the policies of their coverage.

When you encounter complications involving an insurance company, you need experienced legal help to pursue the compensation and justice you need and deserve. It becomes imperative to have legal advocacy to prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of your rights.

At McGee Lerer, we take the actions and steps necessary to hold the insurance company to their words. You pay a policy for a reason and the insurance company is legally required to provide the proper coverage for their policyholders.

Our Santa Monica car accident attorneys are ready to stand in your corner whenever you need us the most. Whether you need to file a claim or take legal action when a claim is denied, you have rights and you deserve the strong legal advocacy to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

Call our firm at (310) 692-9582 today to discuss your potential case. Whether you were the injured party in a car wreck or you need help pursuing an uninsured motorist claim, we have the experience you need.

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