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Top Crash Intersections in Santa Monica

Santa Monica and Ocean Intersection with a sunset view

Santa Monica is home to some of the busiest street intersections in Southern California. Unfortunately, the high volume of traffic in the area contributes to a high rate of accidents.

According to the City of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica intersections with the highest fatal and severe injury rates are, from highest to lowest:

  1. Olympic & 26th
  2. Ocean Park & Lincoln
  3. Wilshire & 16th
  4. Olympic & 14th
  5. Pico & 4th
  6. Hollister & Neilson
  7. Santa Monica & Cloverfield
  8. Wilshire & 18th
  9. Wilshire & 21st
  10. Wilshire & 25th

The injuries at these intersections result from auto collisions, bicycle accidents, and pedestrians being hit by vehicles. There have been two pedestrian deaths in Santa Monica since the beginning of 2020, including a pedestrian killed at the intersection of Ocean Park and Lincoln.

How is Santa Monica Addressing the Dangerous Intersections?

The Santa Monica City Council approved the spending of over $1 million on roadway safety improvements at these intersections in order to cut down on collisions. The improvements, which will be implemented this year, include signage, flex posts, paint, and the adjustment of signal timing.

On Wilshire Blvd., improvements include:

  • Adding pedestrian-activated flashing beacons at five intersections
  • Allowing only right turns at 13 stop-controlled side streets

The improvements are based on the results of a study on collision data, as well as input from residents. The study found that 89% of severe injuries to bike riders and pedestrians happen at intersections with no signals. The study additionally found that a large percentage of pedestrian collisions happen as the result of motorists failing to yield.

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