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Hit by Right-Turning Truck


Right-turning trucks are an accident waiting to happen. They present enormous dangers to cars, motorcycles and bicycles that are in the lane to the right of the truck.

Trucks cannot physically make a right turn from the right curb lane, so truck drivers often leave a large opening on their right before they turn. Truck drivers will move straight into the intersection before starting their actual right turn, or swing left before negotiating their right turn.

"Squeeze play" is the term used to describe a truck accident that happens when a truck driver is turning right. It is also referred to as a "swinging turn" accident.

Squeeze plays can cause a truck accident in two ways: First, when the truck swings left, it can "squeeze" a car between it and the curb. This occurs because truck drivers are often unable to see cars (or motorcyclists or bicyclists) right next to them. Second, cars attempting to pass on the right, or driving on the right, but in the truck driver's blind spot, are also susceptible to trucking accidents from the squeeze play.


Roadway users need to be careful of trucks making wide right turns. Pay attention to truck signals, and give trucks lots of room to maneuver.

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