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Unhappy with your Personal Injury Attorney? Get a Free Second Opinion.


Over the years, we've taken on many Los Angeles personal injury cases where the client already had an attorney, but was unhappy with him and chose to change attorneys.

The complaints we heard from these clients were usually very similar:

The attorney didn't return their telephone calls.

When the client called the attorney, they'd only speak with the secretary or get the attorney's voicemail.

When they did get the attorney on the line, they had to remind the attorney who they were and what their case involved.

They didn't know what was going on with their case.

They got the feeling that their file was just sitting in the attorney's filing cabinet, collecting dust, while he worked on his bigger cases.

They were probably right.

If you are feeling ignored by your accident attorney, if you've never even spoken to your personal injury lawyer, then you should consider changing attorneys.

You have the right to change attorneys at any time. You pay no additional fee to change attorneys. When your case settles, your first lawyer and your second lawyer divide the one attorney's fee, according to how much work each law firm did. Your portion of the settlement proceeds remains the same, no matter how many lawyers you've had.

McGee, Lerer & Associates is a Los Angeles personal injury law firm specializing in serious injury cases. We handle all types of injury accidents, including car accidents , truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites , and slip and falls. Call our injury attorneys for a free second opinion. We'll meet with you and review your file at no charge. We'll be straight with you. If we conclude that your lawyer is doing a good job, and we think you should stick with him, we'll tell you that. But we'll also tell you if we think he's doing a lousy job.

If you've lost confidence in your attorney, call us today: (800) 999-9948.

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