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Car Accidents Happen when Emergency Vehicles Approach


Hearing the blaring siren of an approaching emergency vehicle can be a flustering experience. You crack open your window and turn your radio down to find out if what you think you heard is really a siren. Once you confirm it is, you frantically try to locate the emergency vehicle so that you know if you need to get out of the way.

Many drivers panic as they try to get out of the path of an approaching emergency vehicle. They swerve their vehicle to the right, without first ascertaining that the lane is clear, and collide with another vehicle.

Accidents also happen when drivers fail to anticipate that when there is one emergency vehicle, often others will follow. After the first emergency vehicle passes, an un-alert driver may resume his or her path of travel, and slam into the second emergency vehicle.


• The law requires that drivers yield to emergency vehicles that have engaged their sirens or lights.

• You should pull over to the right side of the road, even if the emergency vehicle is not in your lane or on your side of the street.

• Do not resume traveling until the emergency vehicle is well past.

• If you are in an intersection, go through it before you pull to the roadside so that you do not impede the emergency vehicle’s path.

• The emergency vehicle may give you instructions, via their speaker, as to what to do. You are obligated to follow those instructions, even if they conflict with road signs or the law.

• You are not allowed to follow an emergency vehicle within 300 feet. If you follow the emergency vehicle to the scene of an emergency, you can be arrested.

• Understand that emergency vehicles are not required to follow the rules of the road. They do not have to obey speed limits or stop signs. They may approach your vehicle quickly. Anticipate that they will act unpredictably.

Know the rules and maintain your composure if you hear or see an emergency vehicle approaching. If you are involved in an accident arising out of another vehicle trying to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle, call the Los Angeles car accident attorneys at McGee, Lerer & Associates: 800-999-9948. We will get your car repaired, get you medical treatment, and get you compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and time off work.

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