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400 Cell Phone Violation Tickets Issued to Santa Monica Drivers in January


In an effort to reduce car accidents in Santa Monica, each month, the Santa Monica Police Department is focusing on a different behavior that contributes to car accidents.

In the month of January, the police department focused on distracted drivers. Distracted drivers pose an increased danger to other motor vehicle drivers and to pedestrians. Officers looked for drivers who were texting or talking on their cell phones, and for drivers who were distracted by other activities, such as eating, applying makeup and reading.

The Santa Monica Police Department issued 397 cell phone violation tickets in January: 375 tickets for talking while driving and 22 tickets for texting while driving.

What constitutes a cell phone violation?

  • Holding a cell phone to your ear while driving
  • Holding a cell hone in your hand and using the speaker phone while driving
  • Reading, writing or sending text messages while driving
  • Drivers under the age of 18 cannot use a cell phone at all while driving
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