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Skateboarder being Pulled by Car Hit by SUV


A skateboarder was injured on Saturday after he was pulled by a car and launched into oncoming traffic, where he was hit by an SUV.

The accident happened at 5:10 pm. at the intersection of Figueroa St. and Shoreline Dr. in Ventura. A 14-year-old boy was being pulled by a car that was eastbound on Shoreline Dr. The boy let go of the car and was launched into oncoming lanes, where he was hit by an SUV. The boy smashed into the SUV's hood and windshield.

The boy, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered injuries to his face, hips and legs. He was treated at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura.

It is illegal under the California Vehicle Code for a skateboarder to cling to or attach himself or herself to a moving vehicle. It is also illegal for a minor (anyone under the age of 18) to ride a skateboard without a helmet.

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