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Dog that Attacked Lancaster Girl Caught


A stray dog that attacked a child in Lancaster in December was caught this weekend by animal control officers.

The dog attack occurred on December 21st. According to Evelina Villa of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, a 3-year-old girl was playing in her front yard in the 44000 block of 18th St. West. The dog, a pit bull/Labrador mix, bit the girl in the face. The girl's family members were able to scare off the dog, and the girl was rushed to a local hospital.

Animal control officers have spotted the dog on a few occasions since the December dog bite incident, but each time the dog was able to elude officers. Officers were able to track the dog's travel patterns and a team of county animal control officers were able to locate and catch the dog.

According to the manager of the Lancaster Animal Care Center shelter, Danny Ubario, the dog will be held under observation and the shelter will wait to see if the dog's owner comes forward.

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