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DUI Blamed for Fatal Ventura Car Crash


Ventura police are blaming a December 30th car accident on the intoxication of a 19-year-old driver who had a blood alcohol of 0.19 percent – more than twice the legal limit.

The accident happened at approximately 9:30 on December 30th on East Harbor Blvd. near San Pedro St. in Ventura. 19-year-old Julia Rivas, driving a Volvo sedan, struck a pickup truck after Rivas veered into oncoming traffic.

Rivas first veered onto the right shoulder, where she traveled for a significant distance. Upon reentering the roadway, she overcorrected and entered the westbound lane of Harbor Blvd.

Rivas, a Ventura resident, was declared dead at the scene of the accident. 37-year-old Tonya Northrop of Oxnard reportedly suffered minor injuries.

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