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Hit-and-Run Driver Injures 2 Pedestrians on PCH in Malibu


A hit-and-run driver struck and injured two pedestrians on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu Friday evening.

The accident happened in the 25500 block of PCH, near Malibu Canyon Rd., between Corral Canyon Rd. and Puerco Canyon Rd.

A 54-year-old woman and a 4-year-old child were standing in the center median on PCH with another relative when they were struck. One of the victims was airlifted to a local hospital. The other was transported by ambulance.

According to the Malibu Sheriff's Department, deputies are searching for the hit-and-run driver.

Pacific Coast Highway is known for its high number of serious injury and fatal traffic accidents. PCH accidents often involve pedestrians and bicyclists, and most involve some combination of hit-and-run driving, drunk driving, driving at night, falling asleep at the wheel, speeding, illegal U-turns, and young or elderly drivers.

This month, the parents of 13-year-old Emily Shane, a pedestrian who was struck by a car and killed on PCH, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create a documentary about the dangers of PCH. According to their Kickstarter page, the filmmaker will interview family and friends of people who have been killed on PCH, and interview sheriff's deputies, tow truck drivers, taxi cab drivers and others who have witnessed PCH accidents.

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