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MTA Bus Crash in Westwood Injures 15


An MTA bus jumped a curb and crashed into a tree in Westwood early Saturday morning, injuring 15 people. No other vehicles were involved in the bus accident.

The California Highway Patrol reported that the accident happened just after 3 a.m. on Wilshire Blvd., between Manning Ave. and Thayer Ave. The driver of MTA Line 20 lost control, jumped the curb, hit a tree, and the falling tree knocked down an electrical pole.

Fifteen people were reportedly injured, with several being transported to a local hospital, including the bus driver. All of the injury victims were passengers on the bus.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have been a factor in the accident. The bus driver may have fallen asleep or blacked out.

Injured in an MTA Bus Accident? What You Need to Know

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in which an MTA bus driver was at fault, you must file a Claim for Damages form with the MTA within six months of the date of the accident, or your claim is barred by operation of law. You can get the form online by googling "MTA Claim for Damages." The two-page form is easy to fill out. You or your attorney can complete it and send it to the MTA.

Claims against governmental entities, like the MTA, are difficult. The governmental entity will almost always deny the claim, regardless of whether the government employee's negligence was clear-cut, forcing you to fight for compensation for your injuries, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

We recommend that you speak with a personal injury attorney before you try to handle it on your own. The accident attorney can advise you on the merits of your claim, its value, and whether or not you would be better off having a lawyer represent you.

McGee, Lerer & Associates is a personal injury law firm specializing in serious injury and death cases. We have five office locations: Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Pasadena and Long Beach. A lawyer at our firm is available 24-7 for a free consultation.

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