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How do I speak to an Uber adjuster?



Uber driver at fault for an accident. How do I speak an Uber adjuster (not email!)?


Answer: Uber makes it difficult to speak to an adjuster. What they should have is a claims reporting telephone number on their website. Instead, Uber only allows communication by email.

In order to reach a live person, I suggest you Google the telephone number for James River Insurance, which, at this point in time, insures all Uber drivers.

James Rivers Insurance will likely only agree to extend coverage for an accident caused by an Uber "partner" if the Uber driver first reports the claim to their personal auto insurance carrier and that insurance carrier denies coverage for the claim. Not only will the Uber driver's personal auto insurance carrier deny coverage once they find out the driver was driving for a ridesharing company at the time of the accident, but the personal auto insurance carrier may also drop the Uber driver as an insured.

Are Uber Drivers More Likely to Cause Accidents?

Our Santa Monica personal injury lawyers have seen a huge increase in the number of car accidents victims calling our firm who have been in an accident involving an Uber driver. Santa Monica has many tourists and teens who rely on Uber for transportation. Are Uber drivers more likely to cause accidents? There are certainly many factors which may contribute to an Uber driving being at fault for a car accident:

· Uber drivers can be distracted by their phones because they must interact with their iPhone screens as fast as possible to get business,

· Uber drivers often go to locations where they're likely to get the most passengers: concerts (Coachella), sporting events, etc. There is already tremendous traffic congestion in these areas, making conditions ripe for an accident.

· Uber drivers often operate in locations they are unfamiliar with. They consequently rely too heavily on their phones or tablets for directions, causing them to take their eyes off the road.

· Uber drivers too often make unsafe U-turns mid-block if they get lost or come upon backed up traffic.

· To maximize the number of pickups, Uber drivers may speed.

If you have been injured in a car accident involving an Uber, Lyft or Sidecar driver, the car accident lawyers at McGee, Lerer & Associates, a Santa Monica personal injury law firm, are available 24-7 for a free consultation.

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