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Other Driver's Insurance Company Accepts Fault



I wasn’t at fault for an accident. Now I’m out-of-pocket co-pays, my deductible, and I missed days from work. The other driver’s insurance company accepts fault, but I want to make sure I am fully paid for all my losses. Should I hire an attorney?


Whether you should hire a personal injury lawyer depends on how small (or big) your case is. If it was a minor accident, you went to a doctor a handful of times, and missed a few days from work – then you probably don't need an attorney. And from a car accident attorney's perspective: your case is probably too small for a law firm to handle.

The most serious the accident and your injuries – the greater the reason to hire an attorney. Why?

- Serious injuries mean serious medical bills and potentially serious lost wages. The more you will be asking the other driver's insurance company to pay you, the harder they will fight you.

- An experienced car accident attorney is looking at the big picture. The attorney will know how to work up and position your claim for maximum compensation. The attorney knows the documentation needed of your injuries and lost wages, and will get it. If, because of the accident, you will require future medical care, your attorney may hire a "life care planner" – an expert who can quantify the cost of a lifetime of future medical care. If you can't return to your former line of work because of your injuries, your attorney will bring in the right experts (economist, vocational rehabilitation expert, etc.) to get you compensation for future lost earning capacity.

If you're not sure if your accident was "serious enough" to need a lawyer – you are welcome to run the case by us. Every day, the attorneys at McGee, Lerer & Associate talk to potential clients who have been injured in auto accidents and aren't sure if they need a lawyer. We are happy to talk to you, at no charge. Consultations are always free at our firm. If you really don't need us, we'll tell you that, and we'll give you free advice on what you should do to handle the case on your own. Attorneys Daniel McGee and Catherine Lerer have each been representing accident victims for over 20 years. We consider it a privilege to share our expertise with you and help you to get compensated for all of your losses.

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