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Lime Electric Scooters Recalled Because Baseboards Are Breaking in Half

scooter sitting in the grass

Lime recently issued a recall of one of its electric scooter models after reports that the scooters’ baseboards were breaking in half.

Lime acknowledged that baseboards from one of their manufacturers, Okai, can sometimes break when subjected to repeated abuse. Lime acknowledges that the baseboards can crack or break when ridden off a curb at high speed.

Lime contends that it “takes full responsibility for [the] scooters.” But, will it take full responsibility for the injuries suffered when an innocent renter of one of their scooters is injured when the baseboard breaks in half?

Lime claims that the decommissioned scooters are being replaced with a more advanced model considered to be “best in class for safety.”

This was the second recall of Lime scooters. The first recall involved Lime scooter batteries that had the potential to catch on fire.

The Washington Post reported that Lime employees have notified Lime about their concerns for rider safety due to the cracks the employees are seeing in the scooter baseboards. Employees are concerned about a design flaw and whether the scooters are even safe for public use.

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