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What Legal Issues Exist with Bird and Lime Scooter Accidents?


As more and more electric scooters take to the roadways, there are also many issues regarding legality when serious accidents occur. These are still relatively new to the city of Santa Monica and Los Angeles County, so there isn’t much precedence regarding what happens after an accident occurs.

However, there are a number of issues that can arise and some things that need to be considered in order to successfully navigate the legal process should an accident occur. Here are some issues that can arise.

Who’s to Blame?

Because these electric scooter rentals are still so new, there are a lot of legal questions involved after an accident. One of the most important things that needs to be considered is liability. Who is responsible for an electric scooter accident?

Companies like Bird and Lime recognize some of the potential risks involved in the use of electric scooters. As such, they often point fingers to the riders if an accident occurs. However, there are situations where the company may be considered responsible. This includes:

  • If the scooters are not properly maintained or they are defective and not checked by the company, any harm caused by the defect can be considered the fault of the company.
  • If the company is negligent in specific advertisements, provides false information to riders, or in any other way allows harm, they may be considered responsible.

These companies may often try to claim that the rider knew of the risk and signed away liability.

Another type of accident involves Bird and Lime scooters, along with vehicles on the road. These types of accidents result in some of the most serious types of accidents because there are very few protections for the riders, especially when riders refuse to wear helmets.

Some of the more common injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Spinal cord damage

In other instances, riders are not paying attention to where they are going or they ride in an area where there are plenty of pedestrians. This increases the risks of colliding with a pedestrian, resulting in possible serious injuries.

Our Santa Monica electric scooter accident lawyers at McGee Lerer recognize these legal issues. We’ve seen accidents happen before and we know how dangerous they can be. It’s our goal to help injured victims seek the compensation and justice they need and deserve.

To discuss a potential case, call us at (310) 692-9582 today.

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