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How Does Electric Scooter Rental Work?


The trend of electric scooter rentals has taken over the Los Angeles County, in particular the Santa Monica area. It’s a simple to use platform, but it’s not without its flaws. Here is how the electric scooter rental industry works:

  • The first step is for the rider to find the closest location near them and unlock via the mobile app.
  • The companies typically encourage individuals to bring their own helmet in order to ride safely, as it’s required by law.
  • Once you have access, you’ll be able to start the scooter, which would require a few pushes to start and then using the throttle to keep going.
  • Both feet should be placed on the scooter at all times while riding to avoid any potential dangers.
  • While riding, you are encouraged to ride in the bike lines when possible, but you want to avoid riding in the middle of the road or on the sidewalk.
  • When you park, you need to make sure you’re not blocking any pathways and if possible, park near a bike rack.
  • Finally, you end your trip on the app, informing the company that you’re done and it’s good to lock the scooter again.

What Problems Exist?

The process seems simple enough and the concept seems to be helpful in theory, but there are a number of issues that still exist, particularly when it comes to safety. The apps for these types of electric scooter rental companies encourage helmet use, but their adverts and images show something different.

There are also no regulations that do in fact prove that users are operating the scooters in a safe manner. Even worse, there are many drivers who are not looking out for the scooters because not many people know about the increase in these ride-share vehicles.

Because these electric scooter rentals are so new in popularity, any time an accident occurs, the legal process can be complex. However, our Santa Monica Bird scooter attorneys have seen these types of cases before.

Bird and Lime scooters can lead to serious harm when used improperly, when riders collide with pedestrians, or when vehicles don’t see these individuals. If you’ve been hurt, our team at McGee Lerer may be able to help.

To discuss a potential case, contact us today at (310) 692-9582.

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