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Why Are Bird and Lime Scooters Such an Issue In Santa Monica?


While Bird and Lime are both electric scooter ride-share companies trying to take over the transportation scene in major cities, there are some areas that are not nearly as accepting as others for various reasons.

In Santa Monica, while there has been some acceptance, there are also some regulations that come along with the operation of electric scooters. They’re going to be used throughout the city, but they are banned at the Santa Monica Promenade and on college campuses.

Here are some of the issues that exist regarding Bird and Lime scooters in Santa Monica:

Large Population of Pedestrians

In many areas of Santa Monica, there are plenty of pedestrians on sidewalks, in public areas, and on the pier. These are highly populated areas, but they’re also attractive destinations for individuals looking to ride the Bird and Lime scooters.

When they’re not operated properly, however, these electric scooters can become dangerous to pedestrians. The collision can cause serious harm to pedestrians as these scooters typically go 15 miles per hour.

The Restrictions In the Pilot Program

Santa Monica will be welcoming a pilot program that allows 1,500 of these electric scooters to frequent the city as a trial run. If it can be shown that people can operate them safely, there may an additional 750 units operational by the end of 2019.

There are going to be various restrictions, though, such as strict laws to ensure these are operated in the safest manner possible. In some instances, these rental company may even lose the license to operate in the city if they fail to provide information or provide false information.

People Leaving Scooters In Pathways

One of the potential issues regarding Bird and Lime scooters is the location where people leave them. Unfortunately, they’re not always left in the best of places and it can be dangerous to drivers or pedestrians.

Individuals are encouraged to park scooters near bike racks when possible and keep away from pathways.

At McGee Lerer, our Santa Monica Bird scooter attorneys are well aware of the potential dangers. Some accidents have occurred involving Bird and Lime scooters, making the need for safer standards imperative.

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a Bird or Lime scooter, call us today at (310) 692-9582.

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