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Catherine Lerer Honored for Work on E-Scooter Legislation


With E-Scooter Accidents Still a Concern, Catherine Lerer Fights for Consumer Rights

At this year’s Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) convention, Catherine Lerer was among the lawyers honored for their hard work to protect consumers across the state. She received the Presidential Award of Merit, given each year to a top advocate for legislation that encodes safeguards for the general populace. For those who know Ms. Lerer, it will come as no surprise that CAOC praised her work on AB-1286, which affects e-scooter use across California.

Answering Thorny Legal Questions About E-Scooters

Since Bird introduced the first electric scooters to our Santa Monica community in 2017, Ms. Lerer has been a strong proponent for laws that protect pedestrians, riders, and drivers alike. She is one of California’s top legal authorities on e-scooters and has written extensively on the topic with the goal of helping anyone involved in an accident find solid legal advice. If you have questions about e-scooters, they may be answered in some of her pieces:

As shared electric scooter programs have been launched in cities across the country, it’s clear the vehicles are putting riders and other road users at risk. Ms. Lerer is a consistent voice for consumer rights and protections against negligence and poor practices by the scooter companies.

Protections for California Riders

Ms. Lerer has been featured in venues that range from a Netflix video to America’s largest trial lawyer convention for her work with e-scooter cases and law. She has advised local governments in California, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, and Washington. Now, the State of California has her experience to thank for AB 1286, the “E-Scooter Bill.” Ms. Lerer helped legislators identify the risks of e-scooter use on California roads and craft protections against them. Under the proposed law:

  • E-Scooter companies must carry $1,000,000 in general liability coverage per incident
  • Riders cannot be required to waive the e-scooter company’s liability as a term of use
  • Cities may set their own rules as long as they do not contradict state law
  • E-scooter companies must obtain permits for each city or county of operation and abide by all applicable laws to retain them

Though the e-scooter industry is relatively new and likely to continue evolving, Ms. Lerer has kept an eye on oversight since its arrival in the Los Angeles area. Regardless of the host companies’ intentions, these vehicles have caused serious injuries and even deaths. If you’ve been injured by an incident involving a electric scooter (whether it was a Bird, Lime, Lyft or Jump scooter), we may be able to help you.

Attorney Catherine Lerer is here to answer your e-scooter questions! Contact us onlineor call (310) 692-9582 to speak to our team now.


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