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Hit by Uber Driver Who Was Using Friend’s Account. Uber Denying the Claim.

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I was injured in a car accident involving an Uber. The Uber driver ran a red light. Uber says it’s not responsible because the Uber driver was using someone else’s account and so was not authorized to drive for Uber. Do I have a case against Uber?


Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft know that it is common practice for unauthorized drivers to drive rideshare passengers using Uber and Lyft platforms. The unauthorized rideshare driver can drive using a friend’s account, or the driver can rent an account from an online dealer.

If an authorized driver causes an accident, Uber or Lyft may be on the hook because they know that unauthorized drivers are using their platforms and the rideshare companies have security tools which enable them to prevent this from happening.

If you were injured in a car crash that was the fault of an Uber or Lyft driver, you should seek the advice of an experienced rideshare attorney. If you were seriously injured and need medical treatment, but can’t afford it, you need a lawyer who will fight to get Uber or Lyft’s insurance carriers to cover your claim.

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