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New 1/1/2023 California Bike Law – Drivers Must Change Lanes When Passing Bicyclists

graphic of car and bike

Existing law in California requires a motorist who is passing a bicyclist to do so in a safe manner, and in no case at a distance of less than 3 feet. This law has proven difficult to follow, and enforce, because of the challenge of measuring the distance between two moving objects. For someone in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, it may be hard to estimate a 3-foot distance on the opposite side of their car. And 3 feet is not enough space for comfort in many situations.


On January 1, 2023, a more protective law goes into effect in California. The new law, the OmniBike Bill (AB-1909) additionally requires that a vehicle that is passing or overtaking a someone on a bike to move over to an adjacent lane of traffic, if one is available, before passing or overtaking the bicyclist. This extra cushion will reduce collisions and near misses with cyclists.

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