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Pit Bull Attack Kills Pregnant Woman in Pacifica


A pit bull attacked and killed a 32-year-old pregnant woman in her Pacifica home yesterday.

Darla Napora's husband found her laying on the living room floor after he returned home from work. Officers who were called to the scene found her unresponsive and suffering from major trauma. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to officers, the couple's adult pit bull dog attacked and killed the woman.

Greg Napora, the vicitm's husband, told police that the 2-year-old male pit bull had been secured in the backyard before he left for work.

Neighbor Kathy Carlson said she saw the husband outside the house, waiting for police to arrive. According to Carlson, the husband was in the driveway, frantic and yelling, with blood on his hands, shirt and pants.

As emergency crew tried to tend to the woman, the pit bull approached them, at which time officers shot the dog three times, killing it.

A necropsy was performed on the dog, in order to determine if the dog may have had rabies or some other condition that may have sparked the attack. Result are pending.

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