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Bitten by Off-leash Dog in Santa Monica?


If you were bitten by a dog in Santa Monica, the dog owner is on the hook for your injuries, regardless of whether the dog was on a leash. A leash on the dog will not prevent the owner from being liable for all injuries the dog causes.


In Santa Monica, all dogs on public property are required to be on a leash, unless they are at one of the designated off-leash parks.

Under Santa Monica Municipal Code Section 4.04.155, Dogs on Public Property:

(a) No person having control, charge or custody of any dog shall permit the dog to be upon any public property, unless the dog is:

(1) In the custody and control of a competent person; and either

(2) Confined in an automobile; or

(3) Restrained by a chain or leash six feet or less in fixed length.

(b) Any person violating this Section shall be guilty of an infraction which shall be punishable by a fine of not less than fifty dollars per violation with each day or partial day of violation counting as a separate offense.

(c) Notwithstanding the above, this Section shall not apply to dogs in any area designated by resolution of the City Council for use by dogs if the person having custody or control of the dog is in compliance with posted rules governing the use of the designated area.

There are four off-leash parks in Santa Monica: Airport Park, Herb Katz Dog Park, Memorial Park, and Pacific Street Park.

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog in Santa Monica, you should speak with a Santa Monica dog bite attorney regarding your rights. The lawyers at McGee, Lerer and Associates are experts in handling dog bite claims. If needed, we can arrange for plastic surgery on a lien basis, which means the doctor is paid when your case settles. If you are suffering flashbacks or fear of dogs, we can even arrange for psychotherapy on a lien. Call our firm for a free consultation: 800-999-9948.

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