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Increased Number of Injury Accidents Expected in Los Angeles during "Carmageddon" Weekend


Traffic nightmares of epic proportion are expected Carmageddon weekend. Also expected is an increase in car accidents,

Carmageddon happens the weekend of July 15th to 17th. There will be a 10-mile closure of the northbound 405, between the 10 freeway and the 101 freeway, and a 4-mile closure of the southbound 405, between the 101 and the Getty Center exit, to allow for demolition of the Mulholland Drive bridge,

Everyone is being encouraged to stay home that weekend. Government officials are encouraging those that must venture out to use mass transportation like Metrolink and buses.

Residents are being encouraged to stay local that weekend, and to shop, play, and eat within a small radius of their residences.

Expect more pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists to be using the roadways Carmageddon weekend. Undoubtedly, frustrations will be high. People who choose to use the roadways will be taking routes and transportation modes they are unaccustomed to. Consequently, there is expected to be an increased number of motorcycle accidentspedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents Carmageddon weekend.

Our advice to everyone is stay home if you are able. If you have to leave home, stay alert to the movement of others around you.

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