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Santa Monica - Dangerous for Motorcycle Drivers, Bicyclists and Pedestrians


Comparing Santa Monica to other California cities of similar size in 2009, Santa Monica had the most motorcycle accidents, the most bicycle accidents, and the most pedestrian accidents, according to the most recently available statistics from California's Office of Traffic Safety.

Santa Monica had the worst track record for all three types of collisions out of 104 California cities of similar size.

Most troubling is that Santa Monica came up #1 in all three categories. Not enough is being done in Santa Monica to make the streets safe for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are the roadway's most vulnerable users. When involved in an accident, they are not protected by a vehicle frame - by steel, a crumple zone, seat belts and airbags, thus are at greater risk for serious injury.

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