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Postal Worker Dies after Pit Bull Attack


A 59-year-old postal work died Sunday from a stroke, four days after being attacked by a dog in Escondido.

Diane Jansen, a resident of Sun City, was attacked by a pit bull and bitten on both legs while on her postal route. The dog had escaped through an open garage door.

The postal worker was transported to Palomar Medical Center and diagnosed with an intracerebral hemorrhage. Her condition worsened over the next four days. She was removed from life support on March 3rd. The cause of death was listed as stroke due to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. The pit bull attack is listed as a contributing factor.

The pit bull was euthanized. No charges have been filed against the dog's owner.

Small children, the elderly, and postal workers are the most frequent victims of dog bites. According to statistics released by the U.S. Postal Service, 5,669 postal workers were victims of dog attacks in the United States in 2010.


Under California law, a dog a dog owner is strictly liable to pay full compensation to a dog bite victim. It is no defense that the dog had never shown prior viciousness or that the dog was on a leash. The dog owner's homeowner's insurance company or renter's insurance company will pay for the injuries suffered.

To prove liability, the victim must prove that the defendant owned the dog and that the dog bit the victim while the victim was in a public place or lawfully on private property.


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After a dog attack, the victim often suffers psychological harm that can last long after the physical injury has healed. Our personal injury lawyers can refer you to a psychologist who will treat you on a lien basis.

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