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Bicyclist Injured on PCH in Malibu


A male bicyclist was struck by a car on Pacific Coast Highway on Saturday.

The accident happened at 12:30 p.m. on PCH at Las Flores Canyon, near Topanga State Beach. The cyclist had to be airlifted to UCLA Medical Center, where he was treated for injuries to his right elbow and arm.

PCH is dangerous roadway for bicyclists. Motorists are moving at a high rate of speed and often do not give cyclists enough room as the motorists pass on the left of the cyclist.

California's new bicyclist protection law, Vehicle Code Section 21760, "Three Feet for Safety Act," went into affect on September 16, 2014. The law requires that a motorist passing a bicyclist allow at least three feet between the vehicle and the cyclist or bicycle. Shockingly, the fine for violation of this law is only $35. At the very least though, the new law will likely raise awareness about allowing a safety buffer when passing a bicyclist.

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