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Spike in Drunk Driving Crashes and Pizza Delivery Crashes on Super Bowl Sunday


Watch out for drunk drivers and pizza delivery drivers on Super Bowl Sunday. Insurance industry data has found that on Super Bowl Sunday, there is a spike in drunk driving accidents and crashes involving a pizza delivery driver.

Super Bowl Sunday Drunk Driving Crashes

A review of five years of the Auto Club's California car accident statistics revealed 77% more drunk driving car accidents which caused injury or death on Super Bowl Sunday. In San Diego and some other cities, drunk driving car accidents that resulted in injury or death more than doubled. The data revealed that an increase in alcohol-related crashes happened on any NFL game day, not just Super Bowl Sunday.

An insurance-funded research group found that alcohol-related car accidents around NFL stadiums increase more (9%) when the home team loses or ties than when it wins (3%). The insurance group theorizes that disappointed fans could be more focused on the bad plays and missed field goals than on the roadway in front of them.

Super Bowl Sunday Pizza Delivery Driver Crashes

The Insurance Information Group found that on Super Bowl Sundays, there is a spike in the number of auto accidents involving pizza delivery drivers. Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest pizza delivery day of the year. Domino's Pizza experiences a 79% pizza delivery order increase on Super Bowl Sunday than over non-football Sundays. The majority of deliveries happen between just before kickoff and halftime.

A study from Fireman's Fund insurance found that there were 9% more car crashes involving pizza delivery vehicles on Super Bowl Sunday than on other days. Additionally, the insurance carrier found that accidents involving pizza delivery vehicles on Super Bowl Sunday are more severe (19% increase in claims settlement amount) than claims on other days.

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